Tiger vs GS from time to time


Pada awalnya di rilis Triumph Tiger memang membidik BMW GS sebagai rival bebuyutannya, nah 2011 nanti Triumph akan merilis Tiger versi barunya.

Perbandingan antara Triumph Tiger vs BMW GS dari tahun awal di rilis hingga kini:

Triumph Tiger 900 1993-2000Engine: 885cc
Power: 82bhp
Torque: 60ftlb
Weight: 209kg
BMW R1100GS 1993-1999Engine: 1085cc
Power: 80bhp
Torque: 72ftlb
Weight: 243kg


Triumph Tiger 955i 2001-2006Engine: 955cc
Power: 104bhp
Torque: 68ftlb
Weight: 215kg
BMW R1150GS 1999-2005Engine: 1130cc
Power: 85bhp
Torque: 75ftlb
Weight: 229kg


Triumph Tiger 1050 2007-currentEngine: 1050cc
Power: 113bhp
Torque: 74ftlb
Weight: 198kg
BMW R1200GS 2004-currentEngine: 1170cc
Power: 109bhp
Torque: 89ftlb
Weight: 203kg
Triumph Tiger 800 From 2011Engine: 800cc
Power: 100bhp (est)
Torque: 65ftlb (est)
Weight: 185kg (est)
BMW F800GS 2008-currentEngine: 798cc
Power: 85bhp
Torque: 61ftlb
Weight: 185kg

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