Indonesian ADV Forum Gathering – Dieng Plateau – Central Java

Indonesian ADV Forum Gathering – Dieng Plateau – Central Java

Okay, kali ini gw mau coba cerita dengan bahasa Inggris, mungkin karena gw lagi malas translate lagi ke Indonesia, tapi at least orang orang di luar indonesia bisa baca, karena ADV adalah forum Internasional.

Jadi inilah dia:

After a long debate of which destination that are suitable to held a 1st gathering, a place that has great track and great scenery…

Dieng..Central Java! Yes Dieng Plateau was the place..

A remote area located 2500m above sea level with a great scenery and a great track we are set for a great adventure…

here are the participants:

Jogjakarta Rider


Bandung Riders

dendy – adedj9

bowo – ice breaker

Jakarta Riders

Temmy – T-Redz

Daus – kuncung

and me… Haryo – h17

Although only attended by 6 participant, with 6 thumpers.. We all feel that we are riding a GS or a V-Storm…

So here is the report:

21st june 4.00am
Me, T-Redz & Kuncung meet up at McDonald Kalimalang the first meeting point for Jakarta Riders. Second after meeting I was told that a fellow rider (nino) from Bogor not yet afiliated in ADV wants to tag along to a city of Batang and then he will continue to Semarang solo..

While waiting for Nino suddenly four GS came in and park on McDonald, Its a rare situation and definitely rare to watch a GS on the street of indonesia where mostly people only can afford a small Thumpers. I was wondering are this GS riders are affiliated to the ADV forum? After talking with them it turns out that they know nothing about the Forum, what a pity they don’t know it. They are going to Jogjakarta they said with an escort of two police Harley.

Its not an adventure if you’re being escorted to your destination.. Then again let it be their adventure.. Our adventure is the ADV way.

On the city of Losari we met with ADV Riders from Bandung adedj9 & ice_breaker.

On the city of Tegal we took lunch and break from the hot weather.

2 hours after on the city of Batang Nino continue east solo while the group turn heading east to a small town of Bandar where Pouwel the only rider from Jogjakarta.

On Bandar where we meet Pouwel, we decided to pick a route that are challenging for bikes equip with street tire (only kuncung uses dual sport tire). The route was challenging because of its different track from asphalt, to gravel and loose rocks.

Its kinda hard and chalenging for a small cc thumpers with street tire to endure the route, but we all feel that we had fun.

Kuncung was the victim of the narrow loose stone track, his GL160 loose power when trying to overcome the narrow road and made him to let go of the bike so it fall.

Viilagers who are all farmer was closed to the incident so they at a quick time manage to help Kuncung to pick up the bike.

After a short brake and fixing some loose parts of kuncung’s bike we continue to Dieng, just in time for sunset, although the sunset was covered by the fog and clouds it looks amazing for all of us… We just stop just to enjoy the moment.

The day are gettingg darker and its time to go to the city of Wonosobo to get some rest on a decent inn so in the morning we can go back explore Dieng more deeply.

We arive in the small city of Wonosobo at 8pm and got a room with bathroom inside and definetly hot water in a local inn.

The Next Day

After having lunch near the inn, we headed straight back to Dieng plateau. its has been raining in Dieng for a month.. But the view is still great!

On the plateau area we headed to several spots, the geo thermal area, the Dieng Temple Complex and To sikidang Crater.

Many local tourist came to the Dieng Temple and its the number one tourist spot in Dieng.

We got around in the Dieng area all day long and went back to the city of wonosobo after sunset.

On the way back to Wonosobo, the holder of my GPS went loose and made the GPS fall when I took a ride on a corner in 60km/h. Luckily it didn’t broke.

The GPS still works accurate, what a relief..

We had dinner in Wonosobo and after dinner the Bandung riders decided to continue to Jogjakarta and the Jakarta decided to stay in Wonosobo for one more night so tomorrow they can go back straight back to jakarta.

It hass been a great 1st gathering for indonesian ADVers. Hope that this won’t be the last.

Next year let’s hope that there will be more participants…

*thanks Dendy & Temmy for the great shots

6 Comments Add yours

  1. dodi says:

    sebuah perjalanan yang sangat memukau,

  2. remcakram says:

    wew..banyak gambar menarik..bikin pengen 😀

  3. nunoo says:

    whoaa great place,great pics,great bikes!!

  4. herimoko says:

    Salam kenal bro….
    Mampir ke blog ku :

  5. ini taun 2009 ya gan? Dieng sekarang makin seru lho! mari berkunjung ke Dieng lagi 😀

  6. wow dieng….miss u

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